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Lential Soup with Lamb $4.95
  -  Soup
Black Bean Chicken Soup $4.95
  -  Soup with beans and chicken
Samosa S8 $3.95
  -  2 pc potatoes and peas
Lamb Samosa S9 $4.95
  -  2 pc with Lamb
Pakoras S11 $5.95
  -  Indian cheese or chicken marinated in spices and yoguart
Zesty Fried $7.95
  -  Fried fish in spices with mint chutney
Hummus S10 $4.95
  -  with chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon with naan
Tandoori Chicken S14 $10.95
Onion Bhajia S12 $5.95
  -  Chopped onion with chilies and basin flour, deep fried
Biryani $0.00
  -  Choice of Veg, Lam, Chicke, Shrimp- PLEASE SELECT OPION AT CHECKOUT
Southern Spice Biryani (shrimp, Lamb and Chicken) S46 $12.95
  -  Three meats
Butter Chicken (Chicken Makhani) S24 $10.95
  -  butter chicken
Chicken Tikka Masala S25 $10.95
  -  grilled and added to a thick creamy gravy
Chicken Vindaloo S32 $10.95
  -  Spicy
Madras Chicken Curry S33 $10.95
  -  simmered in onion, tomato, and rich coconut gravy
Chicken Jalfraisse S28 $10.95
  -  cooked with bell peppers
Kozhi Varutha Curry S35 $10.95
  -  chicken with broiled Indian spices
Saag Chicken S36 $10.95
  -  NORTH INDIAN DISH- with spinach
Chicken Pepper Fry S34 $10.95
  -  with onion. tomato, black pepper and curry leaves- SPICY
Chicken Korma S30 $10.95
  -  Mild creamy sauce and spices
Chicken Shai Korma $10.95
  -  with cashews and almond Mogul gravy
Kadai Chicken S37 $10.95
  -  onion, peppers, tomatoes and Kadai Masala
Chicken Chettinadu S26 $10.95
Chicken Mango S27 $10.95
  -  sweet chicken simmered in tang mango sauce
  -  Red lamb- dried chilies
Madras Lamb Curry S41 $11.95
  -  onion, tomato, rich coconut gravy
Lamb Korma S45 $11.95
  -  cooked in mild cream sauce
Lamb Jalfraisse S42 $11.95
  -  cooked with bell peppers
Saag Lamb $11.95
  -  made with spinach
Lamb Pepper Fry S43 $11.95
  -  with onion, black pepper, tomato and curry leaves
Sandwiches / Wraps / Burgers
Panner Tikka Sandwich $8.95
  -  Made with Naan bread-Indian cheese cooked with tandoori marinade served with mango chutney w/fries
Chicken Tikka Sandwich $8.95
  -  made with naan bread- chicken tandoori marinate with mint chutney served w/ fries
Vada Pav Sandwish $10.95
  -  potato fritter burger (vegetarian) with mint chutney made with naan, served with fries
Tandoori Prawn Butter Marsala $12.95
  -  prawns- tandoori marinated, in butter tomato cream gravy
Shrimp Jalfraisse S21 $12.95
  -  with bell peppers
Shrimp Shai Korma $12.95
  -  cashew and almond Mogul Gravy
Madras shrimp curry S19 $12.95
  -  traditional South Indian
Grouper Moilee $12.95
  -  cooked in saffron coconut lime saucxe
Shrimp Moilee $12.95
  -  cooked in saffron coconut lime sauce
Fish Vepudu $12.95
  -  crispy fried fish in South Indian gravy
Paneer Butter Masala S47 $10.95
  -  creamy butter tomato sauce
Mutter Paneer S48 $10.95
  -  green peas, tomato cashew gravy
Malai Kofta S50 $10.95
  -  potato and cottage cheese meatballs, deep fried and served in thick rich yellow cashew gravy
Saag Paneer S51 $10.95
  -  served with spinach
Chick peas Marsala $10.95
  -  chick pea cooked in zesty onion tomato masala
Dingri Dolma S53 $10.95
  -  paneer with mushroom in onion, tomato, cashew and gravy
Poori and Potato Marsala $10.95
  -  fried whole wheat bread
Chappati (3pc) $10.95
  -  served with vegetable korma
Sides / Dips
Side of Saffron rice $2.50
  -  Saffron
Side of Steamed Rice $2.50
Tadka Dal $7.95
  -  Popular Indian Dish
Red Onion Salad $1.00
  -  served with lemo
Raitha $2.50
  -  Yogurt dip
Salad $3.50
  -  cucumber, onion, tomatoes and carrots
Naan bread $2.50
  -  Garlic, Onion, butter
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