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Lobster & Mango salad $25.50
  -  Juicy chunks of lobster tossed in light mayo & lime dressing served with grilled asparagus.
Marinated Queen Conch $13.50
  -  Lobster pot''s traditional Cayman style recipe.
Tiger Shrimp cocktail $13.75
  -  Delicate tiger shrimp freshly prepared & served with our own cocktail sauce.
Lobster Bisque $11.00
  -  Our award winning bisque.
Daily fresh Ceviche $13.50
  -  Catch of the day tossed in limes & spices with bell peppers, cilantro & red onion.
Queen Conch fritters $13.50
  -  Golden fried & served with red pepper remoulade.
  -  Baked in our famous herb garlic butter
Crispy Coconut Shrimp $13.50
  -  Served with mango dipping sauce.
Turtle Steak Sampler $14.50
  -  Tender & blackened served with Cayman style sauce- True Taste of Cayman!
Baby Spinach & herb Roasted Tomato Salad $10.50
  -  Cherry tomatoes lightly roasted in Olive oil, herbs & garlic & topped with fresh Parmesan shavings and aged Balsamic Vinegar.
Roasted Beet Root & Peppered Goat cheese & Pear salad. $11.00
  -  Fresh greens tossed with roasted beet roots in a roasted garlic-shallot vinaigrette, topped with peppered goat cheese & pears.
Caesar Salad $10.00
  -  Our homemade dressing makes this a wonderful classic.
Cayman Conch Chowder $9.50
  -  A tomato based spicy Cayman National soup.
Black Bean Soup $9.00
  -  Vegetarian local favorite served with sour cream drizzle.
Seafood Pasta $30.00
  -  Chunks of succulent lobster tail, sea scallops & tiger shrimps sauteed in a rose sauce.
Caribbean Lobster Tail $50.00
  -  Broiled or Poached . Served with drawn butter, chef''s vegetables, fried plantains rice & beans or Jasmine rice.
Cayman Style Lobster Tail $50.00
  -  Juicy lobster chunks sauteed in Cayman style sauce served with fry plantains, rice & beans & jasmine rice.
Fish & Chips $18.00
  -  Swai fish fillet golden fried in our own beer batter & served with Tarter Sauce.
Lobster Thermidor $55.00
  -  In creamy white wine sauce topped with Parmesan cheese served with fried plantains & rice.
Captains Catch of Day $30.00
  -  served grilled, blackened, Cayman style or pan fried. Served with fry plantains, chef''s veg & rice.
Escovitch Local Favorite $33.00
  -  Fried fish fillet served with local style pickled onions, carrots & scotch bonnet served with rice.
Cayman Trio The lobster pot favorite $45.00
  -  Broiled lobster tail, grilled Mahi Mahi, garlic shrimp served with chef''s vegetables fry plantain & rice.
Garlic Shrimp $32.00
  -  Black Tiger shrimp, sauteed in Herb Garlic butter served with chef''s vegetables and rice.
Seafood Curry $33.00
  -  Chunks of lobster meat, sea scallops & tiger shrimps, bell peppers & onion served with chef''s veg & rice.
Cayman Turtle Steak $45.00
  -  Blackened & served with Cayman style sauce, chef''s vegetables, fried plantain & rice.
8oz NY Strip with Bourbon Peppercorn Sauce $33.00
  -  Grilled to your liking served with chef''s vegetables & roasted potatoes.
The Chicken Breast $33.00
  -  10oz pan seared chicken breast with a creamy mushroom sauce, chef''s vegetables & roast potatoes.
Sandwiches / Wraps / Burgers
Succulent Jerk Chicken Breast $16.00
  -  served with homemade local rum & raisin Mayonnaise.
BBQ Pulled Pork $14.50
  -  Slow braised pork shoulder, mixed with our homemade BBQ sauce.
Char Grilled Vegetables & fresh Mozzarella $16.50
  -  Assorted grilled vegetables with melted Buffalo Mozzarella.
Coconut Crusted Swai Fish $14.50
  -  Served with our zesty home made Mango Dip.
Philly Steak sandwich $16.00
  -  Steak bites sauteed with onion & peppers, demi glace
Tofu Zucchini Yellow Squash Spaghetti $23.50
  -  Spaghetti made with zucchini & Squash, topped with pan seared Tofu. sun blushed Tomatoes & fresh spinach.
Vegetarian Pasta $20.00
  -  Pesto, tomato, rose or creme sauce served with chef''s vegetables & Parmesan shavings.
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