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Beef Samosas A3 (3) $9.00
  -  Crispy fried dumplings stuffed with beef, potato, peas, ginger, tamarind chutney.
Tomatar Dhaniya Shorba S1 $5.00
  -  Tomato and cilantro broth with cumin.
  -  Boneless crispy chicken with bhuna gravy. $3 from every item sold goes towards the Cayman Islands Special Needs Foundation.
Vegetable Samosas A2 (3) (v) $7.00
  -  crispy fried dumplings stuffed with potato, peas, ginger, tamarind chutney
Paneer Kathi Roll A4 (v) $9.00
  -  Cottage cheese, sweet peppers, onion in roti
Kozhi Rasam S2 (Soup) $6.00
  -  Chicken broth with curry leaves and crushed black pepper
Hara Bhara Kebab (V) A6 $7.00
  -  Pan fried spinach, potato, green peas.
Galouti Kebab A7 $12.00
  -  Pan fried minced lamb, cumin, onion and cilantro.
Mulligatawny Soup S3 (V-GF-DF) $6.00
  -  Creamy lentil soup with rice and coconut milk
Amritsari Macchi A8 $10.00
  -  Spiced snapper in chickpea batter, deep fried.
Jhinga Kali Mirch A9 $12.00
  -  Marinated prawn, curry leaves, black pepper, cilantro
Onion Bhaji A1 (v-vg) $7.00
  -  Deep fried onion fritters with garlic mint raita.
Pork Vindaloo M9 (GF-DF) $19.00
  -  Pork spiced with red chilies, star anise, cinnamon.
Chicken Tikka Masala M10 (GF) $17.00
  -  Tandoori chicken in creamy tomato gravy.
Aloo Papdi Chaat $8.00
  -  Fried papdi, onion,tomato, chickpeas, chutney
Pork Chop M17 (GF) $18.00
  -  Cumin marinated pan fried with aloo jeera, vindaloo gravy.
Tandoori Chicken M18 (GF) $16.00
  -  Chili yoghurt marinated half chicken, mint yoghurt dip
Madras Beef Curry M16 (GF-DF) $22.00
  -  CAB beef 7 and potato in spicy masala paste, local curry leaves.
Malabar Curry M12 (GF-DF) $19.00
  -  In creamy local coconut, curry leaves - Your choice of meat
Kadai Jhinga M14 (GF) $21.00
  -  Prawns, onion, tomato, sweet peppers
Bhel Puri $8.00
  -  Mixture of puffed rice, sev, tomato, potato, onion, sweet and sour, spicy chutney
Tawa Macchi M15 $23.00
  -  Pan fried semolina coated snapper, red chilies, local curry leaves with dal.
  -  Braised lamb shanks in cardamom, clove bay-leaf, and kasmiri red chilies
Dal Makhni M2 (V-GF) $13.00
  -  Lentils, kidney beans, onions, tomato, ginger, chilies
Kadai Paneer M1 (V-GF) $15.00
  -  Cottage cheese, onion, tomato sweet peppers.
Khumb Matar Masala M3 (V-GF-VG) $15.00
  -  Mushrooms, peas in a cashew and onion gravy.
Malai Kofta M4 (V) $16.00
  -  Cottage cheese, dried fruit dumplings in cashew gravy
Paneer Butter Masala M5 (V-GF) $16.00
  -  Cottage cheese tikka in a rich creamy tomato gravy
Murgh Malai Methi M6 (GF) $18.00
  -  Chicken, fenugreek leaves in mild cashew gravy
Murgh Saagwala M7 (GF) $18.00
  -  Chicken with cinnamon and chilies in spinach gravy.
Beef Short Ribs M8 (GF) $25.00
  -  Braised in chilies, garam masala with jeera rice, bhuna gravy
Kozhi Varutha Curry M13 (GF-DF) $17.00
  -  Chicken, onion, tomato, coconut with local curry leaves.
Lamb Chop M19 (GF) $19.00
  -  Chili yoghurt marinated lamb chop, jeera rice, lababdar gravy
Biryani $0.00
  -  an aromatic delicacy of vegetables, meats and rise w/indian spices served w/vegetable raita & green salad
Specialities -Kids Meals
Noodles & Butter (Kids) $5.95
  -  Plain or add marinara for $1.00 more
Mac Cheese (Kids) $6.95
Grilled Cheese (Kids) $6.95
Chicken Tenders (Kids) $6.95
Fish & Chips (Kids) $6.95
Kid''s Snapper w/Mixed Greens $7.95
Tandoori Jhinga (GF) T10 $14.00
  -  Tiger prawns marinated in chili yoghurt and spices.
Tandoori Lobster T11 (GF) $21.00
  -  Lobster marinated in chili yoghurt and spices.
Murgh Malai Tikka T6 (GF) $10.00
  -  Yoghurt, cheese marinated chicken.
Ajwaini Macchi Tikka T7 (GF) $12.00
  -  Yoghurt and ajwaini marinated mahi mahi.
Murgh Seekh Kebab T3 $10.00
  -  Skewered minced chicken, roasted with onions, cumin and chilies.
Gosht Seekh Kebab T4 $13.00
  -  Skewered minced lamb, roasted with onions, cumin and chilies.
Makkai Aur Palak Ki Seekh (V-DF) T2 $9.00
  -  Skewered corn, spinach, chilies and cilantro.
Achari Macchi Tikka T8 (GF) $12.00
  -  Pickle yoghurt marinated mahi mahi.
Kandhari Murgh Tikka T9 (GF) $10.00
  -  Spicy yoghurt, pomegranate, beetroot marinated chicken
Sufiyana Paneer Tikka T1 (V-GF $9.00
  -  Cottage cheese, sweet peppers, fennel, house made yogurt.
Hariyala Jhinga T5 (GF) $13.00
  -  Mint, cilantro, marinated prawns with onions and chilies.
Breads/ Rotis
Kulcha N2 $4.50
  -  Stuffed with onions, potato and paneer.
Butter Naan N1 (V) $4.00
  -  .
Lasooni Naan N3 $4.50
  -  Fresh garlic and cilantro.
Keema Naan N4 $6.00
  -  Fresh ground lamb.
Pashawari Naan N5 $5.00
  -  Stuffed with raisins, nuts and coconuts.
Roti N6 (DF) $4.00
  -  Whole wheat fresh from the tandoor.
Aloo Paratha N7 $5.00
  -  Whole wheat stuffed with potato and peas.
Uttapam D3 (v-gf-df-vg) $10.00
  -  Topped with onion. tomato, cilantro and chilies.
Sides / Dips
Basmati Rice SD1 (V/GF/DF/VG) $4.50
  -  .
Yellow Dhal Tadka SD2 (V/GF/DF/VG) $7.00
  -  Yellow lentils, onion, tomato, garlic.
Aloo Jeera SD6 (v/gf/df/vg) $7.00
  -  Potatoes and onions tossed with cumin.
Korma SD7 (v/gf/df/vg) $8.00
  -  Fresh vegetables in creamy coconut sauce
Aloo Gobi SD3 (v/gf/df/vg) $8.00
  -  Cauliflower florets, potatoes, stir fried with cumin.
Sabji Saagwala SD4 (v/gf/df/vg) $8.00
  -  Vegetables in fresh spinach and cream
Channa Masala SD5 (v/gf/df/vg) $7.00
  -  Chickpeas in onion and tomato gravy
Raita $3.00
  -  yoghurt seasoned w/cumin, onion, cucumber and tomato
Gulab Jaman (v) (des) $7.00
  -  milk dumplings immersed in rose flavoured sweet syrup
Gajar ka halwa (v) Des $7.00
  -  sweetened carrots, nuts served with vanilla ice cream
Phirni (v) Des $6.00
  -  rice pudding with nuts and cardamom
Jalebi (v) Des $8.00
  -  curly, crispy funnel cake soaked in sugar syrup

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