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Keropok Udang $4.00
  -  prawn crackers
Lumpia Spring Roll W01 $3.50
  -  Vegetarian Spring roll-(1) pc.
Lumpia Shanghai W02 $7.50
  -  Seasoned Chicken Roll (5 pieces)
Crispy Ji Wanton W03 $5.00
  -  Fried Chicken wontons- (8) pcs.
Crispy Rangoon Wanton W04 $7.50
  -  Crab, Scallion & Cream Cheese
Gyosa Dumplings, Pan Seared W05 $7.00
  -  Pork- (6) pcs.
Har Gow, Crispy Dumplings W06 $8.00
  -  Shrimps-(4)
Sio Mai, Steamed Dumplings W07 $7.00
  -  Choice of Beef, shrimp or pork (4 pieces)
Sio Pao, Steamed Bun W08 $3.50
  -  Choose from glazed pork or minced pork w/ egg (1 piece)
Satay Ji W09 $6.00
  -  Chicken skewers w/ Peanut dipping sauce
Teriyaki Niu Ru W10 $6.00
  -  Seared Steak Skewers
Siu Pai Kut W11 $8.00
  -  BBQ Pork Ribs-(6) pcs
Crispy Spicy Vietnam Wings W12 $8.00
  -  *Choice of spiciness: Mild, Medium or Hot-(6)pcs.
Wok-n-Roll Platter W14 $18.00
  -  Crispy Shrimp Dumplings, Veggie Spring Roll, BBQ Ribs, Beef Teamed Dumplings & Satay Chicken
Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup W15 $5.50
  -  Chicken, Mushroom, Tofu
Japanese Tofu Miso W16 $5.50
  -  Vegetable Broth
Taiwanese Seafood W17 $7.00
  -  Shrimps and Fish Soup
Wanton Ji W18 $4.00
  -  Seasoned Chicken flavour broth
Pinoy Itlog W19 $4.50
  -  Egg white & Scallions
Indonesian Nasi Goreng W28 $15.00
  -  (Fried Rice w/ Egg) Shrimp, Chicken, Cucumber,& Sambal Olek
Spicy Szechuan Fan W30 $14.00
  -  Steak & Pork
Wok-n-Roll Fan W32 $15.00
  -  Chinese Sausage, Shrimp, Chicken and Beef & fried rice w/ egg
Pinoy Tofu Gulay W33 $14.00
  -  Vegetarian & fried rice w/ egg
Choa Fan Plates W34-36 $0.00
  -  Choice of either Chicken, Steak, Pork, Shrimp or combination
Chop Suey (Tsap Seui) W47-50 $0.00
  -  Choose between chicken, pork, steak, shrimp, tofu or combination. Served with Rice
Sizzling Pepper Steak W51 $15.50
  -  Sweet peppers, sesame Oil, oyster sauce & Garlic
Szechuan Ji W52 $15.50
  -  Sliced chicken, green peppers, scallion, cucumber & dry chili
Monogolian Niu Rou W53 $15.50
  -  Steak, Broccoli, Cilantro, Red Pepper & Crispy Noodle with fried or white rice.
Moo Goo Gai Pan W54 $15.50
  -  Tofu, Chicken, Black Chinese Mushroom & Veggies
Thai Nuea Phat Prik W55 $15.50
  -  Steak, Basil, Red Pepper & Cilantro w/ fried or white rice
Korean Dwaeji Bokkum W56 $15.50
  -  Spicy Pork, Red pepper, Onion & Chili paste w/ fried or white rice
Malaysia Har You Goa W57 $17.50
  -  Shrimp, toasted cashews & mixed veggies
Crispy Ya (Kao-Roast) W59 $19.50
  -  Half Duck, Hoisin sauce. Choice of White or Fried Rice
Malaysian Crispy Siok Bak W60 $17.00
  -  Pork with crackling, Chili, Ginger, Garlic. Choice of White or Fried Rice.
Crispy Ji (Kao-Roast) W61 $19.50
  -  Half Chicken, Five Spice. Choice of White or Fried Rice
Wok-n-Roll Bourbon Ji W62 $15.00
  -  Chicken in Kentucky Whiskey with Spices. Choice of White or Fried Rice.
Thai Kung Red Curry Ka Li W63 $17.50
  -  Shrimp,Red Curry, Bamboo Shoot, and Kafir Lime Leaves. Choice of White or Fried Rice. Specify how spicy for the curry.
Indonesian Curry Ayam Ka Li W64 $15.00
  -  Chicken, Chili Pepper and Coconut Milk. Choice of White or Fried Rice. Specify how spicy.
Thai Massaman Pla W65 $18.00
  -  Two fish Filets, Curry Sauce & Green Peas served w/ fried or white rice. Choose how spicy you like it.
Sweet and Sour Zha W66 $14.50
  -  Choose between pork or chicken with our Wok-n-Roll Sweet-n-Sour sauce
Butterfly Xia W67 $17.00
  -  Shrimp, Five spice & Bread crumbs served w/ fried or white rice.
Honey Garlic Zha W68 $14.50
  -  Choose between chicken or pork. Served with our Wok-n-Roll Honey Garlic Sauce & fried or white rice.
Sweet and Spicy Zha W69 $14.50
  -  Choose between chicken or pork. Made with vietnamese chili, honey & peanut sauce.
Crispy Pata W70 $16.50
  -  Famous Filipino Delicacy. Pork trotter, soy, seasoned vinegar and Pickled Green Papaya
Pinoy Sisig (Bao Wok) W71 $14.00
  -  Sizzling Minced Pork, Chicken Liver, Egg, Garlic & Chili w/ fried or white rice
Kare Kare W72 $15.00
  -  Stewed oxtail, egglant, bok choy, long beans and peanut sauce
Bulalo Savory Soup W74 $17.00
  -  Beef shank, string beans, bok choy & cob corn
Palpaitan Savory Soup W75 $14.00
  -  Tender beef tripe, ginger, onion & garlic
Pinakbet W76 $14.00
  -  Crispy Pork, local pumpkin, sauteed eggplant, okra & bitter melon
Tokwa''t Baboy W77 $8.00
  -  Crispy pork belly, tofu, caramelized onion
Sinigang W78-79 $0.00
  -  Traditional sour broth, fresh vegetables and tamarind. Choose from pork or seafood (fish, mussels, scallops, shrimp & squid)
Silogs W82-85 $0.00
  -  Meat served with spices, fried egg and garlic fried rice. Choose between pork, pork sausage, steak or milk fish.
Lugaw W86-87 $0.00
  -  Traditional savory rice porridge - choose between beef or chicken!
Thai Tom Yam W20 $14.00
  -  Shrimp and noodles in Lemongrass broth
Special Sui Mian W21 $16.00
  -  Master broth w/ Egg Noodles, Steak, Pork, Chicken & Shrimp
Seafood Sui Mian W22 $18.00
  -  Rice stick noodles, scallops, mussels, fish, squid & shrimp
Pinoy Lo Mi W23 $15.00
  -  Lo Mi Noodles, shrimp, chicken, oyster sauce & green onion
Beef Mami W24 $14.00
  -  Beef braised with star-anise, garlic, onion and egg noodles
Pho Bo Vietnamese Rice Stick W25 $15.00
  -  Steak, Scallions, Cilantro, Bean Sprouts & Spinach
Kao Ya, Master Broth W26 $15.00
  -  Roasted Duck, Bok Choy, Broccoli & Egg Noodles
Tofu & Veggie Mian W27 $14.00
  -  Rice stick noodles, vegetable broth w/ traditional asian veggies
Singapore Bi Hun W37 $15.00
  -  (Stir Fry Noodles) Rice Stick, Chicken, Shrimp, Vegetables & Egg
Wok-n-Roll Seafood Lo Mian W38 $19.50
  -  Scallops, Mussels, Squid & Shrimp
Malaysia Char Koay Teow W39 $15.00
  -  (Stir Fry Noodles) Flat Rice Noodles, Egg, Shrimp & Chinese Sausage
Pinoy Pancit Bihon W40 $14.50
  -  (Stir Fry Noodles) Fish Ball, Pork, Shrimp, Cabbage & Rice Stick Noodles
Thai Phad Thai W41 $15.00
  -  Tofu, chicken, Cabbage & Peanut
Japanese Yaki Udon W42 $15.50
  -  (Stir Fry Noodles) Sizzling Squid, Shrimp, Chicken, Udon & Veggies
Lo Mian W43-46 $0.00
  -  Traditional noodles plates - choose between, special, chicken, pork, steak, shrimp or veggie!
Family Paks
San ( Meal for 4) $85.50
  -  crispy rangoon wanton, wok n roll platter, vietnam wings, special fried rice, pepper steak lo mian
ER (Meal for 3) $54.00
  -  gyosa.lumpia shanghai,bourbon ji, special lo mian, mongolian niu ru, three white rice.
YI (MEAL FOR 2) $35.00
  -  Prawn Crackers, Crispy Ji Wanton, Special Tsap Seui, Sweet and Sour chicken / Two White Rice
Pinoy Halo Halo (DES) $8.00
  -  Classic Flan, Ice Cream, Pandan Gelatin & Coconut
Cassava Cake (DES) $5.50
  -  Asian Style made with local cassava
Leche Flan (DES) $7.50
  -  Caramelized Silky Egg Custard
Butchi (DES) $5.50
  -  Toasted Sesame Ball filled with sweet red bean paste
Ice Cream (DES) $6.00
  -  Two scoops of either chocolate or vanilla ice cream
LED Specialists

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