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Baby Mix Salad $6.50
Caprese salad $7.50
  -  Buffalo mozzarella with vine ripened tomatoes and fresh basil
Caesar Calad $7.00
  -  *Add Chicken or Cajun Fish or Shrimp.
Greek Salad $7.95
  -  Cucumber, Tomato, Onions, Black olives, Bell peppers, Feta, w/ Red wine dressing
Conch Fritters $6.95
  -  The delicious, Classic Caymanian appetizer; deep fried Conch dumplings with House made Jerk Mayonnaise. *Choose to add fries
Calamari Fritti $8.95
  -  Crispy fried and served with Jerk Mayo & Marinara sauce
Grilled Chicken Quesadillas $8.95
  -  With Grilled chicken and Cheese served with Salsa and Sour cream *Choose to ADD Shrimp or Bacon!
Cracked Conch $8.95
  -  Local specialty - Crispy fried Conch served with Tartar sauce.
Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms $8.50
  -  Fresh Mushrooms tossed in Garlic Parsley Butter. *Choose to add Shrimp.
Coconut Shrimp $8.95
  -  House made Coconut Shrimp served with Mango Chutney.
Grilled BBQ Shrimp $8.95
  -  Grilled BBQ Shrimps served with Cilantro-Lemon Pesto
Marinate Conch $8.95
  -  Local Conch marinated in Tomato, Pick-a-Peppa Sauce, Onions and Spices.
Fillipo's Buffalo Wings $5.95
  -  *Choose from Garlic, Honey Mustard, Buffalo or Hot Sauce.
Millie's Famous Bruschetta $5.95
  -  Fresh Tomato, Garlic & Basil on a freshly baked Garlic bread, topped w/ Mozzarella
Lasagna $14.95
  -  Layers of delicious Beef, Tomato and Parmesan Cheese
Fettuccine Alfredo $13.95
  -  Fettuccini tossed in a Creamy mushroom Parmesan cheese sauce. *Choose to ADD on Chicken or Shrimp.
Lobster Ravioli $17.50
  -  Homemade Cheese ravioli with chunks of Lobster tossed in a Creamy local pumpkin sauce
Gnocchi $15.95
  -  Phillip's famous house made Gnocchi with a Four cheese sauce, topped w/ Shredded Spinach & Roasted walnuts. The Island's Best!
Penne Fradiavolo $26.95
  -  Penne with Shrimp and Lobster tossed in a Spicy basil tomato sauce
Seafood Linguini $28.95
  -  Linguini with Shrimps, Lobster, Calamari and Clams tossed in a White Wine Garlic sauce
Grilled Eggplant Parmesan $12.95
  -  Grilled Eggplant with Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese over fettucine.
Chicken Parmesan $14.95
  -  Chicken Breast baked in a rich Tomato Sauce & Mozzarella Cheese over Fettuccini
Asian Seasoned Stirfry $9.95
  -  served with rice. Add chicken. fish or shrimp for an additional charge
Catch of the Day (Market price) $0.00
  -  Grilled ~ Pan fried or Blackened - Fresh Catch served with seasonal vegetables. PLEASE INQUIRE OF TODAY'S SPECIALS.
Fish & Chips $13.95
  -  Locally fresh caught fish done finger licking Crispy beer batter , Fries and House made tartar sauce.
Blackened Red Snapper $18.95
  -  Cajun spice seasoned grilled Snapper with Lemon and Seasonal vegetables.
Potato Crusted Grouper $17.95
  -  Baked and served with a mild Coconut curry sauce and seasonal vegetables.
Caribbean Lobster Curry $20.95
  -  Served with Rice and Seasonal vegetables
Carribean Tiger Shrimp Curry $18.95
  -  Served with Rice and Seasonal vegetables
Scotch Bonnet Shrimp $18.95
  -  Hot & spicy served with a Creole style sauce with Seasonal veggies.
Chicken Marsala $15.95
  -  Pan seared Chicken breast with Mushrooms marsala Demi glaze
Cayman-Style Caribbean Lobster $20.95
  -  Served with Rice and Seasonal vegetables
Bacon Wrapped Beef Tenderloin $29.95
  -  Grilled to your liking w/Cambanzola cheese and a Mushroom demi glaze.
Surf & Turf $31.00
  -  Grilled Shrimp and NY Strip steak w/Sauteed Mushrooms,Onions and peppers.
10oz Grilled NY Strip $19.95
  -  Served with a baked potato and seasonal vegetables
Margarita Pizza 12inch $12.95
  -  Tomatoes ~ Basil & Shredded mozzarella cheese.
Pepperoni Pizza 12 inch $12.00
  -  Glorious slices of Pepperoni sausage
Hawaiian Pizza 12inch $13.50
  -  Mozzarella cheese topped with Ham & Pineapple!
Vegetarian Pizza 12 inch $15.95
  -  Sauteed bell peppers, Mushrooms, Onions, Spinach & Artichoke
Four Cheese Pizza 12 inch $13.95
  -  Mozzarella, Cambozola, Gorgonzola and Parmesan cheeses
Meat Lovers Pizza 12 inch $17.00
  -  With Sausage, Bacon, Pepperoni & Ham
Seafood Pizza 12 inch $18.95
  -  Topped with Smoked Salmon, Grilled Shrimp & Lobster
Ground Beef 12inch $15.95
  -  Ground Beef, Sauteed Onions & Jalapeno Peppers
Sandwiches / Wraps / Burgers
Alfresco Burger $7.50
  -  6oz homemade patty grilled to your liking
California Chicken Sandwich $8.95
  -  Grilled Chicken breast served on a bun w/Fresh Tropical fruit salsa
Jerk Chicken Sandwich $8.25
  -  A Local favorite ~ Spicy Jerk grilled Chicken breast
Steak Sandwich $12.50
  -  New York Strip grilled to your liking topped with Mushrooms. Onions, & Melted cheese
Key Lime Pie $6.95
  -  Traditional style!
Cheesecake $6.95
  -  *Your CHOICE of Mango, Strawberry or Bailey's Chocolate. You got to try one of these!
Homemade Ice Cream $4.50
  -  Served w/ whipped cream (a wonderful dessert) *CHOOSE from Vanilla. Chocolate, Rum Raisin, Strawberry, Banana and Coconut.
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