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Steak Tartare $14.00
  -  Classic preparation, crostini
Charcuterie Board $15.00
  -  Cured meats, house pate
French Onion Soup $10.00
  -  Gratineed French onion soup, Gruyere crostini
Chef Michael's Goat Cheese Salad $12.00
  -  Frisee, goat cheese, french vinaigrette
Bistro Salad $10.00
  -  Mixed wild leaves, green beans, radish, olives, shaved fennel, cucumber and tomato w/ Dijon vinagrette
Veal Sweetbreads $13.00
  -  Garden pea cream, crispy gruyere, apple, aromatic herbs
Octopus $14.00
  -  Local greens, watermelon, trio of papaya
Croque Monsieur $12.00
  -  Cured ham, gruyere, bechamel
Croque Madame $14.00
  -  Cured ham, gruyere, bechamel, fried organic egg
Assiette de Fromage $20.00
  -  Selection of 5 artisanal cheeses
Cote de Boeuf for Two $93.00
  -  Bone-in prime ribs, shallot and garlic confit, green bean salad, Bistro frites, bearnaise sauce
Grand Steak Tartare $27.00
  -  Classic preparation, fries, tarragon mayonaise
8oz CAB Hanger Steak $27.00
  -  garden peas, blackened onions, mashed potato gratinee
10oz NY Strip Steak $30.00
  -  served w/ Bistro Frites and choice of sauce
Whole Sea Bream Provencale $28.00
  -  Local tomato, rosemary, garlic, capers, lemon, salad
Whole Shrimp Flambe $28.00
  -  3 head-on shrimp, pastis, tomato, shallot, tarragon
Slow-cooked Duck Leg $28.00
  -  Fingerling potatoes, kale cream, kale
Specialities -Kids Meals
Kids Soup l''Oignon $5.00
  -  gratineed french onion soup w/ gruyere
Kids Chicken Gougon $9.00
  -  Breaded chicken breast w/ Bistro frites
Kids Steak Frites $9.00
  -  CAB striploin, Bistro frites, Bistro butter
Kids Poisson $9.00
  -  Fresh catch w/ Bistro aioli and Bistro frites
Kids Croque Monsieur $12.00
  -  Sandwich of Jambon Blanc, aged Gruyere, bechamel and Bistro frites
Kid''s Mixed Veggies $3.00
  -  Steamed mixed veggies w/ butter
Kids Salade Bistro $6.00
  -  mixed lettuces, tomato, radish, green beans, olives, shaved fennel, cucumber, Dijon vinaigrette
Sides / Dips
French Bean Salad $6.00
Bistro Frites $6.00
Salad $6.00
Mushrooms $6.00
Kale $6.00
Home-baked garlic & herb baguette $7.00
Gateau Marcel $9.00
  -  two-layered chocolate cake, fresh berries, berry coulis
Lemon Tartlet $9.00
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