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Samosas $6.95
  -  Meat or Vegetable turnovers (3). Served w/ cilantro and mint chutney.
Onion Bhaji $7.50
  -  Onion fritters (6).
Chicken Tikka Kebab $8.95
  -  Tandoori style minced rolls
Chicken 65 $8.95
  -  Spicy crispy chicken
Tandoori Shrimp Kebab $11.95
  -  Served with cilantro chutney and salad.
Mullugutwany Soup $4.95
  -  Roasted coconut, vegetable & lentil soup.
Soup of the Day $4.95
  -  Changes daily!
Mango Chicken Kebab $18.95
  -  Marinated and lightly spiced mango flavored tender chunks
Fish Tikka Kebab $22.95
  -  Fish chunks cooked tenderly
Grouper Tandoori $24.95
  -  Marinated and roasted to perfection
Chicken Tikka Kebab $18.95
  -  Tender chunks, marinated and cooked to perfection
Malai Chicken Kebab $18.95
  -  Mildly marinated mix of cheese and yogurt
Beef Hara Masala $20.95
  -  Medium spiced curry flavored w/ fresh herbs
Pepper Beef $19.95
  -  Beef sauteed w/ bell peppers and ground black pepper
Kerala Beef Curry $20.95
  -  Beef & coconut done the South Indian way
Beef Vindaloo $20.95
  -  Traditional Goan curry sauce
Beef Korma $20.95
  -  Tender chunks cooked in a mild creamy curry
Bhuna Beef $21.95
  -  Sauteed chunks with vegetables and medium spices
Biryani $0.00
  -  A combination of aromatic rice and tender morsels of meat, fish or veggies.
Tandoori Chicken $19.95
  -  Marinated chicken cooked in a traditional oven
Chicken Korma $17.95
  -  Tender chunks of chicken cooked in a mild creamy curry sauce.
Chicken Vindaloo $17.95
  -  Traditional Goan curry.
Chicken Tikka Masala $17.95
  -  Tender tandoori chunks in a creamy sauce
Butter Chicken/Chicken Makhani $18.95
  -  Tandoori chunks simmered in a tomato cream sauce
Kerala Chicken Curry $17.95
  -  South-Indian style coconut cream based curry
Chicken Jalfrezi $18.95
  -  Marinated chicken and vegetable stir-fry
Lamb Korma $20.95
  -  Mild creamy curry with tender lamb
Lamb Sukha $21.95
  -  Sauteed lamb with roast coconut
Lamb Roganjosh $21.95
  -  Lamb done in a rich North-Indian gravy
Lamb Vindaloo $20.95
  -  Goan style tomato based curry
Lamb Chettinadu $21.95
  -  South-Indian coconut flavored spicy curry
Lamb Sagwala $21.95
  -  Freshly creamed spinach and lamb in a medium spiced gravy
Lamb Do Piyaza $21.95
  -  North-Indian medium spicy masala sauce
Shrimp chilli fry $24.95
  -  Marinated shrimps sautéed in a chili tomato onion gravy
Fish Curry $22.95
  -  Tomato-onion curry sauce
Fish Vindaloo $21.95
  -  Tomato based goan dish
Seafood Curry $25.95
  -  A mix cooked in a medium spiced curry
Shrimp Jalfrezi $24.95
  -  Marinated shrimps sauteed in a tomato onion gravy
Goan Shrimp Curry $24.95
  -  Curry cooked with fresh coconut cream
Shrimp Spinach Korma $24.95
  -  Shrimp spinach cooked in a mild creamy curry sauce
Seafood Chettinadu $24.95
  -  South-Indian coconut flavored curry
Kerala Fish Curry $25.95
  -  South-Indian style coconut cream based curry
Tandoori Specialties $0.00
  -  Marinated and cooked in traditional clay oven. Choose from a variety of different options.
Paneer Sagwala $16.95
  -  Freshly creamed spinach and cottage cheese in a medium spiced gravy
Vegetable Korma $14.95
  -  A mild, creamy mix of vegetables.
Mutter Paneer $16.95
  -  Peas & cottage cheese in a blend of medium spices
Paneer Jalfrezi $16.95
  -  Freshly creamed spinach and cottage cheese in a medium spiced gravy
Aloo Gobi $13.95
  -  Tossed potatoes & cauliflower with ground spices
Sag Aloo $14.95
  -  Spiced potatoes cooked with fresh spinach
Channa Masala $14.95
  -  Chick-peas in a blend of punjabi spices
Tadka Dal $13.95
  -  Yellow lentils cooked in medium spices
Vegetable Makhani $14.95
  -  Vegetables in creamy rich tomato gravy
Paneer Makhani $16.95
  -  Freshly made cottage cheese cooked in a creamy rich tomato gravy
Vegetable Coconut Curry $14.95
  -  South Indian flavored coconut curry
Okra Masala $15.95
  -  Okra cooked with medium spices and tomato
Malai Kofta curry $16.95
  -  Potato and cottage cheese dumplings topped with rich creamy sauce
Dal Makhani $13.95
  -  Black lentils in a creamy rich tomato gravy
Sides / Dips
French Fries $3.50
  -  Large portion of french fries
Side of Curry Sauce $0.00
  -  Choose between Tikka Masala, Makhani or Korma sauce, small or large.
Extra Saffron Rice $0.00
  -  Extra saffron rice. Choose small(1-2 people) or large (2-4 people) **Please note: All main courses come with one small portion of saffron rice***
Mango Chutney $0.00
  -  Choose between small or large SMALL $3 LARGE $5
Pappadums $3.50
  -  Extra portion of pappadums
Raita $3.50
  -  Smooth yogurt dip
Side Orders $0.00
  -  Small sides of vegetarian dishes. All sides come mildly spiced.

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